Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 4 - The Fun Continues

This week marks week four and by the end of the week I will have been gone a month!  Crazy...doesn't seem like it's been that long.  This week was a lot like the last few but I'll try to share a few things that were different.

Tuesday we taught Delphine again.  The lesson went great!  We were hoping to talk about the restoration more but she said she believes all of that and had read through 2nd Nephi already.  So we changed our plans a little and talked about faith and repentance.  We were really happy how it turned out.  That morning during personal study I decided to read over some talks and came upon a talk by Elder Tad Callister of the Seventy.  I loved it!  And than that night guess who our speaker was?  Elder Tad Callister and his wife!  He talked about many churches have truth but aren't fully following the blue print of Christ as he laid out in the New Testament.  There is only one church on the earth today who follows all those guidelines perfectly.  It is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  He only used the bible to show how perfectly the church is organized.  It's just as Christ's church was.

Wednesday we taught Raphael again and it went good.  The new missionaries arrived, including Landon, but I didn't get a chance to talk to him until Saturday.  He said he's doing great!  Next Wednesday we get to host!  That means we get to take the "newbies" away from their families and show them around.  Should be lots of fun!

Thursday we had Teaching Resource Center where we teach members.  That's always fun!  A week from Thursday we have field orientation.  This we where we teach non members...scary....on and yes in FRENCH!  Our district will be singing.  The sisters got the music and we started rehearsing the EFY Medley, As Sisters in Zion and We'll Bring the World His Truth.  Later we taught Delphine who said that if we'd asked she would have accepted baptism.  That will be tomorrow's lesson for sure!

Saturday actually feels like a Saturday.  We get to sleep in for an extra 30 minutes.  That means we get up at 6:30 a.m.  We grab a donut, do service and than lunch.  That evening Sister Worsham decided to do a lesson that invovled role playing.  She randomly called people up to play the parts of investigators or teachers.  The spirit was so strong.  It was awesome!

On Sunday we had 10 missionaries leaving and 10 missionaries coming.  We got new zone leaders and our Branch Presidency is really cool.  Our devotional was Brother Heaton and it was good.  We watched the movie, "Jospeh Smith" in French.  Wow!  The French talk fast.  We were looking at each other like, "what is happening".  We were able to pick up some words and phrases.  All in all the French is coming.  It's hard to learn when you can so easily go back to English.

This morning we went to the Provo Temple and did sealings.  It was as awesome experience.  We got to sealed as children to parents and be witnesses.  I'm so grateful for eternal families.  Thanks for all your love and support.  Two weeks from today I leave for Paris.  I couldn't be happier to be than right where I am.

PS  On June 23rd at 4pm on the the First Presidency and Quorum of the 12 will have a worldwide broadcast.  Watch for me in the choir of over 1400 missionaries.

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