Tuesday, July 23, 2013

BBQ's, BMW's and a Baptism

Our Zone with the Okelberries
Sunset at Basilique
We are holding up our fingers to signify how many transfers we have had
Elder Davis, me and Papy
Weird to be wearing "normal clothes" .  We were cleaning a sisters home!
July 22, 2013

Last Monday was a very productive Soldes day (shopping).  It included 4 new skinny ties and a new small bag.  I'm going European!

This week has been filled with lots of porting (knocking on doors) and lessons that fell through.  But none the less it has been a great week!

On Tuesday we had a lesson with Bogaert.  He's the older gentleman who learned all his English from American movies.  He said he's not really interested but if we ever want to talk or need a drink to be sure to come by.  He loves us!  He said the young lady who cleans his house every Tuesday saw our card and pamphlet that we gave to him and she wanted to know if we could get her a Book of Mormon in her language-Portuguese.  There are so many languages here it is crazy!  We were lucky to go the Wells family for dinner.  We had some delicious pulled pork sandwiches and had chocolate fondue for desert.  They gave us root beer, peanut butter and jam to take home.  They have access to the US Base and these are things that we can't get.  Delicious!!!

Wednesday we had another lesson with Nosa (used to be Mosa).  He's moving out of our area and mission. We left pretty sad that the baptism probably won't happen for us but we still had hope.  We also taught Kingsley and Marsella on the Law of Chastity.  Then they brought up tithing and the Word of Wisdom so it was quite a lesson.  They agreed with it all and they want to get married.  So, our next plan is to figure out what is needed to get them married.  Here in Europe you can't have the bishop marry people, only the government can do it and it can be pretty expensive and difficult.  Hopefully, we can have a wedding so that they can be baptized.  They want to be baptized so bad and they said to us, "The best thing we could have at our wedding would be you two!"  We always leave their home with a smile.  The Smith family had us to dinner and they had tacos, fruit and homemade lemon ice cream. The members here are so awesome and I've decided they run the world.  Most of them work for NATO, the European Union and other private companies.  Brother Smith makes sensors for iphones and photo finishes for horse races.  It's awesome to get to know them and hear how they got to where they are.  This week our awesome senior couple left too. The Okelberry's were great and have done so much for us here!

On Thursday and Friday we went to clean an older sister's home.   All 6 of us ifromStrombeek went and helped.  When we were done it was soooo clean.

Friday we had one of the Sisters call asking us for a blessing.  She wanted to feel peace in their new home and life. The blessing was really good and the spirit was strong.  She said she instantly was filled with warmth and felt better.  The Priesthood is amazing!  We went to the park, by our apartment, and saw some of our "amis" and they called us over.  Papy and Toto had told us if anyone ever gives us trouble they have our backs.  Papy had an artist come out and draw a picture of us with him and then he gave it to us as a present.

On Saturday the Sisters had a baptism for Doris!  We took Kingsley and Marsella to it and they loved it. After we went to a rendez-vous at the park.  The guy didn't show so we called him and he invited us to a BBQ.  When the table and grill weren't even put together yet we knew it was going to be a long BBQ.  We put it together and got to know them and their friends.  We had fish, shrimp, chicken, lots of African food and some Algerian cake.  It lasted for 4 hours.  We are going to visit them this week and one of the friends had a 3 year old who absolutely loved us.  His name is Chris.

Sunday, Doris received the Holy Ghost and I got to be in the circle.  That was awesome and Nosa came to church with a friend.  We taught him and his friend about the Word of Wisdom.  We called the Zone Leaders when we got home to refer Nosa to the other mission but they said we could do the baptism if we moved it up a day.  So, Nosa is being baptized this coming Saturday and confirmed on Sunday!!!  Talk about being super excited.  We were going crazy!  In 5 weeks we have met Nosa, taught him and now he'll be baptized.  He's amazing and so ready.

I've learned this week there are three things that can make you happy no matter what happens or how many lessons fall through.  LOVE!  Love where you are.  Love what you're doing and love the people around you.
You'll always be happy if you do those 3 things.  I'm super excited for this week and I love Belgium and my mission.

Have a great week and know that I love and miss you all.  Belgium is great and the Church is true!

Chicken and Shrimp at the BBQ

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