Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 12...Porting, Exchanges and Transfers start NOW!

Hope you've had a good week back in Salt Lake and other places around the world!  It's been a good week here in Belgium.  Today marks the beginning of transfer day so everybody here is on the the computers waiting to get the new list of changes.  I'm pretty sure I'll be staying here unless something crazy happens.  I'll let you know!

After emailing last Monday we went grocery shopping.  It was like a game show.  Two of the Elders were out of money and the other two had about 30 Euros between them.  We got out our calculator and added up every single item as we put it in the cart.  We almost spent the exact amount we had to the centimes.  It was actually quite fun and definitely made you realize you are poor when there is a 5th Monday in the month. After we went shopping, I got a short sleeve shirt for a great price,  we went to Leonidas for chocolate. They wear white gloves and wrap it up and everything.  If you are ever in Belgium be sure to come to Leonidas.  Be sure to ask for chocolate with no coffee or alcohol because that's pretty common here.

Tuesday we had district meeting and since we had a few extra minutes we watched a Mormon Message called, "Mountains to Climb".  Pretty amazing.  Take a minute and watch it.  It shows how the Gospel helps us in times of trial and is always there when we need help!  After district meeting we went porting.  It was a rainy day and we were hoping some kind soul would invite us in but sadly that didn't happen.  We taught Kingsley and Marsella and they are great as usual.  Then, that night the first exchange started.  I was with Elder Wilson for all of Wednesday and it was great!  All of our appointments fell through but we had fun contacting.  Since it was  "my day" I got to set the pace.  On the tram to a passback I saw some houses and said I wanted to go there after passback.  Not sure why, but I did.  After the passback we stopped there and the first door we knocked on was a family.  Dad from Chicago, Mom from Belgium and two kids. Sweet!  We are hoping to see them this week and teach them because they were super excited and had seen stuff on TV about us.  It was almost time to go but I saw a door with some Christmas stuff in the window.  I thought it'd be a family so I said, "We've got to go to that door!"  It wan't a family but a sweet older lady named Madame Dubois.  She has been asking herself questions that relate to the Plan of Salvation so that was awesome!

Thursday we had another exchange and this time I was with Elder Wood.  We met some cool people and did lots of contacting.  I love to see how other missionaries work and you get to know other missionaries too so it's great!

Friday, Elder Davis and I were back together as an equipe.  It was a pretty normal day.  We taught Emerson and Nosa called to tell us his wife had her baby and was doing well.  He should have a baptismal date in the next month!

Saturday and Sunday involved lots of contacting and porting but you never know who you'll meet or talk to. We were grateful yesterday was fast Sunday, not only to fast, but because we were out of food.  We had 87 contacts that we've talked to with potentials so our goal was to get 13 more on Sunday.  That was a lot, but we did it with finding four numbers we hadn't put in the phone yet.  We met some really awesome people to teach his week too.  I'll be going to Paris this week to get my stamp so hopefully I'll get to take an Eiffel Tower picture.

The work here is going great and I love being here and learning from others.  It's Elder Davis' birthday next Sunday we we're going to have quite the party Sunday night.  Today we're going to the car expo to see Lamborghini's and probably some frites (fries) and a gaufre (waffle).  I love to hear from you and know what's going on there so keep writing!!  Thanks for all your love and support!

Till next week...

This is our district.  The numbers indicate how many transfers!
There are a total of 16 transfer days during your mission!

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