Monday, May 26, 2014

Decisions Determine Destiny

Meet Michael...Future Missionary!
Bonjour!  Today is the start of another transfer and for the big news... (drum roll) I'm staying in Nogent and so is Elder Alexander.  It's his 5th transfer here!  Crazy but exciting and Elder Utahia who lives with us will be receiving a bleu missionary to train.

This week was great and it ended with a bang!  Joe was baptized on Saturday along with Marilia and Wilhem.  It was such a great day!  Saturday morning we were able to go to Marilia's baptism.  She was the women who came up to us and asked us where the church was.  We asked if she was a member and she said, "No but I want to be as soon as possible"  We found out where she lived and that she had been taught in Brazil by the Elders but couldn't find the church when she came to France.  We passed her to the Soeurs in Anthony and she was able to go to church there.  They had a family home evening with her that night but found out that she actually lived in the Evry area so they passed her to the Soeurs there.  Over the last 4 weeks she has been taught and prepared for baptism and the date was set for Saturday.  All she needed was permission from her husband.  The first three times she asked she was told "No" and on the third time he kicked her out of the house for the night.  During a rendez-vous last week she started to cry and said, "All I want to do is follow Christ and be baptized in his church.  I have faith that he will prepare a way for me to do that.  They all prayed together and she decided that she was going home and ask one more time.  The next morning the Soeurs got a phone call from President Poznanski and the husband had given permission for her to be baptized.  It was a miracle made possible by the Lord!  The baptism was filled with the spirit and after she was able to bear her testimony and said that on the day she left Brazil and the Elders she had lost her happiness but the day she found them again she found her happiness.  She expressed how happy she was that day.  It was so cool and absolutely amazing.  An example of faith beyond all measure.  She gave us all gifts that she had ordered from Rio for all of us that had taught her!

After the baptism we hurried and got on the train to come back to Nogent, grabbed the brownies we had made, and went to the church.  We arrived and got everything ready to go and the night ended with 2 more baptisms.  Joe and Wilhem.  Wilhem is the husband of a member in our ward who has been inactive.  She has been re-activated along with Wilhem.  They have been taught by the Soeurs and from the day I first met them I thought they were both members.  I love them so much.  To see Wilhem enter into the waters of baptism and to see the happiness that it's brought to both of them is amazing!  I know that they will be blessed in the future.  Sunday night we went to their home for dinner and Sandra, his wife, just cried and said that she has never felt such joy and then they both testified of the gospel and the blessings they've already seen.  Super excited to see and to realize that they will be sealed with their 5 year old daughter in the temple in a year!

Last of all...Joe!  Saturday night while waiting for Joe to arrive he finally pulled up with a car full of friends that he had brought.  His 2 brothers and their families, who are members, and a cousin were also able to come.  He looked so good in white.  He bore his testimony and said how much joy he felt.  On Sunday he received the gift of the Holy Ghost!  It was such a spiritual weekend that I'm sure none of us will forget!  I'm so happy for all of them and love them all so much!

We also had some great lessons with our amis!  The Vasile family continues to progress and we are going to see them a few times this week.  Every time we go they start by saying,  "This book, it has a lot of stuff in it that is true!"  Slow but steady!  We had a District 6 meeting and got to go with the Soeurs and our District Leader for baptismal interviews.  While the DL was doing the interview we were able to make cookies with the kids.  The youngest, Michael, is so legit.  I'll attach a picture of him wearing my watch and one of my name tags.  He's  a future missionary for sure.  We were spoiled with a mangez-vous (dinner) with Yiun.
They are the family from Tahiti.  (The wife is here being treated for cancer)  Even though they are in a hotel they had prepared a table with fine china and an amazing meal.  We had individual hams, potatoes, salad, bread, appetizers and 3 desserts and Coke!  To say the least we were stuffed.  If I lived in Tahiti and ate like that I would not be able to walk every day!

Last, but not least, we met a man, Sebastian, this is another Sebastian so we'll say Sebastian #2.  We received his number from Headquarters and it said...Aunt and Uncle are members in Lyon.  Has a Book of Mormon and is ready and wants to know more.  We called him and set up a rendez-vous.  When we arrived he told us, "I am a serious sinner.  My whole life is sins but I saw the change that happened in my uncles' life, who was made an Elder yesterday.  I want the same change and healing he has had because he was just like me before.  We were able to read the Book of Mormon and taught the whole restoration.  It went great and he was excited to read and study more.  We will meet again this week.  It's so amazing to see how much he desires to change and be healed!

It's been awesome to see all three people baptized, meet Sebastian #2, teach the Vasile family and see people listen, make changes in their lives and act on them.  I know these decision will change their destiny.
Please think about talking to one person this week.  It could change their destiny as it has for these people. It's time to go check out and see where all the missionaries are going with transfers.  (Oh, the life of missionaries!)  Have a great week and know how much I love you all!

Elder Player
Making Brownies for the baptisms

Paris...So Cool!

Very famous bridge where couples go to lock
their hearts when they get married!

Joe on his baptism day!

Marilia on her baptism day!

Joe and his brothers!

Meet District 6

Joe and Wilhem

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