Monday, January 26, 2015

Joy in Families

Salut!  I hope you are having a great day when you read this.  Everything is going well here, even with the winter rain!  It's been another good week and was pretty calm compared to last week.  We were able to be in Nancy all week and work together and see some awesome things happen with our amis...they are really starting to progress.

In particular there were two highlights in our teaching that had to do with two families.  The first is Srdan, Uranela and Sladjan or the Aljiti family.  The second family is the Escalentes, Luis and his three children, Etienne, Oscar and Emilie.  On Friday night we had an appointment with Luis and the children and we wanted to do an activity that would get the children more involved.  We decided we'd do the Brownie lesson that we have used a couple of times.  We got all the ingredients ready and took off to teach.  Each ingredient represented a principle of the gospel and if you didn't have all of them, or in the right order, the brownies wouldn't turn out or taste as good as they could have.  Then after baking, or enduring to the end, you have an awesome reward...yummy brownies.  This is like life.  We need to live the principles and commandments of the gospel, endure to the end and we will have an awesome reward that can be very sweet and full of joy if we live our lives right.  It went great and the kids loved it!  Luis and Emilie came to church again, third week in a row, and next week all four of them are coming!  (Keep your fingers crossed!)
Sladjan Aljiti with me...
It's snowing!

Aljiti Family
Escalente Family

Earlier on Friday Srdan cancelled our rendez-vous because he needed to go to Germany to help a cousin so we rescheduled our rendez-vous for Monday but on Sunday Srdan and Uranela walked into our Sunday School Class.  So we had 4 people at church yesterday. So cool!  Later that night we made a quiche and had a FHE with them. We watched a talk with them and then tried to learn some Serbian and talk with them in their own language but that made them laugh super hard!  Apparently I'm not the best with my Servian dialect but it was fun and I just love these people so much.  The normal days and rendez-vous bring us so much joy. They are all so amazing and we are so lucky to be here with them and get to know them better!

Our homemade Quiche for the Aljiti's

*FHE and Pizza with Guillaume
*Saw David again who had such great questions!
*Met a muslim man named Jesus
*Had FHE with L'Homels and played a fun game to show apostasy using pictionary and chinese telephone!
*Went to Strasbourg for a district meeting and saw one of Elder Velazquez's less actives!

So there you have it.  A sum of the week here in Nancy.  This Saturday we'll hear about transfers and find out if I'm staying or going.  Love you all so much and hope you know how grateful I am for you!

Elder Player

Quote of the week..."I will love the light for it shows me the way; yet I will love the darkness for it shows me the stars."  Og Mandino

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