Monday, February 9, 2015

A Week of Change...Goodbye Nancy...Hello Amiens

Goodbye L'Homels
Goodbye Guillaume
Here's the picture of our office in our new apartment!
Our little chapel in Amiens!
Bonjour!  I hope you are having a good day when you read this and that all is going well.  What a crazy week it has been here.  Saying "goodbyes" and "hellos" and all that packing!
Here's a picture of the luggage for the three of us!

The last few days in Nancy were great!  We ended P-Day at the L'Homel's home to have a last round of games and our last FHE all together.  On Tuesday we contacted most of our amis so I could say goodbye to them and then we went to Marie-Line's house to have one last lesson.  After that we went to lunch with Guillaume and Elise and then it was time to pack.  Saying goodbye was NO fun, especially when I had to stick out my hand instead of hugs. I've come to love all of them sooo much!  (I'm glad that I'll be back in May...that made it all a little easier)

Wednesday morning we went to the gare and took our train into Paris.  Then I needed to change gares to get to Amiens.  Between the two gares there are metros, plenty of stairs and of course all my luggage. I made it finally and met up with Elder Barber.  We headed out to catch our next train to Creil, a small town, and after a 45 minute trip we had to change trains with only 6 minutes to spare.  Down the stairs and then up the stairs and onto the train to make our final trip into Amiens.  An hour later we arrived and quickly dropped off my stuff at the apartment and were on our way to teach a less active member.  We did some contacting, teaching an amis named Abdelaziz and then went back to unpack, organize and settle in.

Over the next few days we saw many cool things transpire.  We were able to find 3 new amis, had five rendez-vous and teach a young student named Nathan.  Later on Saturday night we had a rendez-vous at the church at 7:00 p.m.  The bus was late so we were late by about 15 minutes.  Right as we got there and were opening the gate a man ran up and asked it the Elders were still there because he had a rendez-vous with them but was late.  Over the next hour we were able to teach the Restoration and the spirit was so strong.  He said, "You know this is the first time I've prayed in over 10 years.  I'm like the prodigal's son.  I was born in a religious family but am so far from what I once was but can't wait to tell my mother that I'm coming back and this time to know for myself it is true!"  So amazing and we can't wait to see him again this week!

The last thing I want to share happened yesterday during Priesthood meeting.  A young man, about 25, walked in and sat down with us. (There were only 8 of us so he was hard to miss)  As we went to talk to him  he was busy talking to members and everyone acted like they were longtime friends.  We discovered that it was his first time in an LDS church and he had decided to come because he'd seen it while out walking a few times!  (He'd only been here for 3 weeks)  We were able to teach him about our church and the Restoration and he was so excited and more than willing to ask for himself if it is true.  It was definitely a miracle and it's always so amazing when God gives us someone to teach who has been prepared.  He said he'd be back next week and we will see him during the week.  His name is Richardson!

What an awesome week.  Things are different than they were in Nancy but I know they'll be great and I'm excited to work with the people of Amiens.  Elder Barber is great and has been spoiling me by fixing breakfast every morning.  I'll send a picture of us next week!  Today is his 21st birthday so we are going to have a party for him tonight at our FHE.  I hope you all have a great week and that you realize how blessed we all are.  God does so much for us!  I'm especially grateful for all of you and the amazing people I've met on my mission.  Happy Valentines Day to all of you!  Till next week...

Elder Player

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