Friday, March 28, 2014

Easter is Coming!!!

Bonjour!  Tout le monde!  It's officially spring and another great week has passed!  This week was full of teaching, porting, member visits and a Zone Conference in Paris!  I'll see if I can sum it all up for you!

Adventures with the members:
We've continued to visit with our members this week.  We made it to 9 member's homes and shared a thought with them about how important "testifying" is and why we testify to teach.  We used the testimonies of Joseph Smith and the 3 and 8 witnesses to show how testimonies help other people see that the Book of Mormon is true.  We asked them to write their testimony in the front of a Book of Mormon and than we will give them to our amis to help them come to know that these things are true.  I can't wait to read the testimonies and give them to our amis this week.

Zone Conference:
We had an awesome Zone Conference this week in Paris with President and Soeur Pozananski.  Elder Davis, Elder Cramer and Elder Eldredge were there too!  It was awesome to see them all and hear that they are doing great!  This week Elder Christofferson and Elder Teixera were able to visit Belgium and see the missionaries there.  We got to receive a lot of their counsel from the Poznanski's on Wednesday.  We have a goal to welcome our new mission President at the end of July with 125 new baptisms.  That's in the next two transfers!  During Easter time we will be focusing on new ways of contacting/porting people to show them the power and peace that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ has given to us and our lives.  I'm super excited and on the way back from Zone Conference we put it into action...and that leads us to the next category...

Awkward Contacts:
The first contact after the zone conference took place on the metro.  I saw a guy and decided to talk to him. I usually try to think of a compliment or a where something is because we are new.  Usually it goes well but today was a little different.  I asked, "Do you know if there is a Zoo here?"  (I really did want to know if there was a zoo here.)  He said, "No!"  I continued to ask questions about what he did, how long he's lived here and then asked, "Are you believing?"  He asked, "In what?"  "In God and Jesus Christ," we responded.  He said, "I am God and Jesus Christ!"  I wasn't sure I heard right so I said, "What?"  I hadn't heard wrong and he didn't have the desire to explain because it would take too long.  That contact threw me for a loop but sure makes for a funny journal entry!

Wilfried is doing great and we were able to teach him 3 times this week and he attended church on Sunday. He is so excited for his baptism!  We were teaching him about tithing on Saturday with Tarolin and we asked him why he felt tithing was important.  He had an awesome answer that even shocked Tarolin.  He said, "To help the church of Christ continue to grow and help people like me find the truth and come to Christ!"  He's so awesome and it's amazing to see him grow and change every week.  He has a great desire to come to Christ and never leave!

Got haircuts this week at a Coiffure.  First haircut I've had that someone else has done it since the MTC! We walked in and asked if they cut hair without appointments and she said no and then a moment later said she was sorry.  She thought we had asked if we could talk about Jesus but yes they could cut our hair.  Her perception changed throughout our haircuts.
We were told that our church comes from Ancient German roots and all members speak Ancient German but those in America speak English!  (Weird)
Had an awesome FHE with the branch president's family and their friends.  Had delicious crepes!
After Zone Conference we ate at the only Burger King in France!  Usually there is a huge line but we were able to get a burger and fries and make our train with a few minutes to spare.  It was soooo delicious!

That's a little bit about our week.  We also found some awesome potentials that we will teach this week.
Thanks so much for your love and support!  Till next week...

Love, Elder Player
This beautiful Cathedral is right next to our church!

Elder Cramer and me at Zone Conference

Elder Eldredge and me at Zone Conference

Elder Davis and me at Zone Conference

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