Monday, July 14, 2014

Bastille Day & Miracles in ways not expected

Happy Bastille Day!  It's the 14th of July and one of the biggest holidays/parties of the year in France.  It's like our Independence Day so tonight there will be lots of fireworks.  All day there are parades and all sorts of entertainment and finding an open grocery store was difficult but we succeeded.  I hope you have all had a great week!  It's been a great week full of change and a new companion.  Elder Meng is great!

Let me tell you a little bit about our week.  Last week I told you about Jackie's wife passing away on Friday but he was still at church on Sunday.  On Wednesday night we called and asked if we could bring the sewing machine back and he said we could come on over.  We made our way, in the pouring rain, carrying the magic sewing machine that brought life to "Players Pressing and Alterations".  (I kinda felt like Will Smith in "Pursuit of Happiness" carrying around the bone density scanner)  I took my coat and covered it so it'd be dry and we made it there.  When we arrived Jackie wasn't there but his daughter was and we gave it to her. As we left we realized we forgot to give her the cord and book that was in our bag.  We knocked but no one came to the door so we called Jackie and he was visiting a friend close by and said he'd come right up. We waited and then of course he said "come in" and even with our "no, it's ok" he persisted and asked us to help pick hymns for the ceremony they were going to have the next day for his wife.  Charla, his daughter, was going to go get us some pizza but we insisted that we didn't need food and for him to stay with Charla. He insisted on walking us home and stopping to buy so some food...a bucket of 36 chicken wings, fries and take home to eat.  There was no winning and I have to admit it was a delicious feast and it all got eaten.  The next day was the service for his wife and it was awesome.  I love Tahitian culture.  They are so loving and the spirit was there for sure.  There was about 20 of us there and I was so glad we could tell Jackie and his family how much we love them.  Sadly they returned to Tahiti on Friday but maybe we'll meet up gain in Tahiti.

This week was transfers so on Tuesday Elder Alexander was packing and getting ready to take off.  We were able to visit and eat with the Angulo family for his last night.  Wednesday morning at 6:30 we headed to the gare and put him on a train for Dunkerque.  It sounds like he's doing good.  I loved working with him and we were able to see so many amazing things in two transfers.  After dropping him off we went to meet my new comp.  Before he got there I saw missionaries who I haven't seen in over 4 months and it was awesome to see a familiar face.  I have really missed them.  I can't even imagine what it's like to see family again after two years.  We went to the gare and picked up Elder Meng and then came home and fixed some lunch. These last few days we have been working really hard and done lots of contacting and the Lord has blessed us.

Thursday night I was super tired and it was pouring rain but we kept porting and asking if we could pray with people.  I though that surely if we went right till the end we'd get let in.  I had no doubts that we'd be blessed and the last person would let us in.  But after a day of contacting, a frudge and lots of porting it just didn't happen.  I was kind of disappointed but now I can see, as I look back, how we were blessed in other ways. We walked into the apartment the next two nights and the phone rang and we had referrals.  President Babin even had one for us!  We had three from the headquarters of the church too.  There are two miracles I really want to share about two men named Ishmael and Romain.

We were able to meet Ishmael last night, after receiving his info from the other missionaries who had taught him for some time.  He moved and after a year they called him and he wanted to talk more but now lived in Paris in our area.  We were able to talk to him about the church and his desires.  At the end he asked how long and what do he need to do before he can be baptized.  So cool...and I'm so excited to teach him again this week and fix a baptism date.

Yesterday at church a member came up to me and said, "One of your amis is here for the first time." We went up the stairs and he pointed out a man in a super nice suit who I thought was a member.  It was Romain...yes, another one!  I went over and started talking to him and learned that he had received the text that we send out every Saturday night inviting our amis to come to church and he was finally able to come. He had been contacted by the missionaries about 4 months ago and taught once and now had come to learn more.  After church we were able to talk more to him and he loved it!  We are going to talk with him again this week.  At the end he said he could see himself as part of this church!  I'm stoked to teach him again!

Even though one of those last doors didn't open that night you can see that the Lord blessed us in other ways. It's always better than we could have imagined.  I'm excited to be working with Elder Meng.  He's awesome and caring and wanting to do all he can.  This week we have 2 district meetings and some great rendez-vous set up, which we are excited for.  I hope you all have a great week and know how much I love and miss you all.
Love...Elder Player

Goodbye to Elder Alexander

Jackie, my awesome friend from Tahiti

All the missionaries at Jackie's wife's funneral

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  1. Such sweet pictures of Jackie, such a tender story. I also love his positive attitude and seeing the blessings everywhere. What a wonderful missionary!