Monday, July 28, 2014

L'oeuvre du Seigneur!

A "Bird Car' we found while doing
pass backs!

Random lightning and rain storm on
Bonjour Tout le Monde!  I hope you've all had another great week and a great 24th of July for those of you in Utah.  Living with 3 people not from Utah I definitely realized that it's only a Utah holiday.  This past week has been great and we were able to have some awesome miracles and see some people start to progress. So, here we go...
Last week I had an exchange with Elder Mahieu from Lyon, France and the we had some miracles.  After district meeting we took off and went straight to a rendez vous with a referral we'd received.  A man named Elysee.  We arrived and were able to have an awesome lesson with him and teach all of the Restoration.  He was so excited to learn about it.  Elysee had a friend there that left after we prayed because he didn't want to participate.  Elysee said, "See he's just not ready to accept the gospel right now but I'm ready and this is the time for me!"  It was so cool to see that he could realize how the Lord had prepared him and that he was ready!  More to follow on him next week.  We took off and came home and set our goals.  Our rendez-vous for the night got canceled so we decided we'd go finish the night porting.  We didn't have a lot of time but went a few bus stops past the apartment and got off.  We felt like it was a good place to start.  Instead of just starting with the first house we kept going, for some reason, and a few minutes later a Chinese woman came up and asked us if we could come and talk to her and her son.  We said, "Sure!  When?"  She said you can come right now and so we went and talked to her and her son and taught them why we were here and were able to pray with them.  It was awesome and at the end they asked us to come back and bring stuff in Chinese, French and English.  Yesterday we were able to take the information back to them in all the languages.  Sadly, her husband told her he didn't want us to meet with them anymore.  She still took the books and apologized.  You never know where it could lead - we know that at least we planted a seed!  The next morning we finished our exchange and were able to teach two more people.  Joe and Roy!

Joe is doing great and is so excited to go to the temple.  We were able to get him a family search account and now he is doing his family history to take his family names to the temple.  Roy came to church again for the third week in a row and we were able to have a great lesson with him too.  After we exchanged companions back, Elder Meng and I went and saw Victor.  He had read the Book of Mormon and loved it and had lots of questions.  He said he felt at home in our church already!  Then we taught a man, Yannic, who is in his final year, for his masters in Finance, at the School of Business in Paris.  It was another great lesson on the Restoration.  Yannic told us he had been praying for years but had never received an answer and we explained that was because he was being prepared to receive the truth and then he would receive an answer. We talked about how he could know it was true and used the "fruits of the spirit" from Galatians and listed peace, joy, and patience.  He said he could feel all of those right then and during the lesson.  It was cool to see him recognize the spirit and be told that the lesson and message we were sharing was true.  The gospel is so true and I'm so grateful for the spirit and how he testifies of the truth!

As the week continued we were able to see Romain again and have a great lesson with him.  He had lots of questions but at the end said he just felt really good and wanted to become a member of this church.  We asked him to pray for a confirmation about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He said he thought it would be better if we did it but then said he would try and prayed with so much sincerity that at the end he had tears in his eyes.  You could tell he had been touched by the spirit.  He came to Church yesterday - even after working all night.  He said he knew he needed to be there.  He's so legit.

To say the least, we had a great week and were able to teach lots of lessons.  I'm so thankful to be here! That doesn't even start to scratch the surface of what I'd like to share but I'm out of time.  Here are a few highlights:
...Service activity with the Soeurs helping a lady get here back yard into shape.  It was so fun and the first time I've been able to mow a lawn in over a year!
...We really tried to work with less actives and were able to find a man who was baptized in Grenoble in 2005 but he wants to come back and quit smoking.  He was so glad we were there to help him reach his goal.
...Got honked at and waved at, in a nice way, by someone!  That helped finish Tuesday off in a good way!
...Found Dr. Pepper at DIA and bought two to go with lunch!
...Got a new bishop in our ward and new counselors.  He's 28 and only been married a year and a half but he's going to be awesome!
...Elder Meng ate escargots for the first time.  He liked them and ate almost a whole plate of 12!
...Got stuck out late because of trains, had a good "soldes" shopping day, and had someone buy us cokes when we asked for directions.  He then took us and showed us where we needed to go and called us later to make sure we got there - so nice!

We are teaching Romain tonight and have a great week planned.  Hope you have a great week too!  Till next week...
Elder Player

After service fixing a sister's backyard!

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