Monday, August 25, 2014

Wild Week to Nancy!

The Angulo family in Paris
There are the best!
Bonjour mes amis.  I hope you are all doing great!  This week has been one of the busiest weeks in my mission and full of so many "firsts".  I'll try to share the highlights...

My last Monday in Paris we went to the Champs Elysees and walked all around and just took it all in and then the craziness began.  For the next 36 hours time was filled with "goodbyes", dinner with the Angulo Family and saying goodbye to our new investigators, Mery and her family.  I know that they will get baptized down the road.  On Tuesday the packing began.  I can honestly say that packing is my least favorite thing to to but I succeeded and, with my three bags, Wednesday morning left the apartment.  One of the wheels on the big bag was smoking and being destroyed so I pulled over outside the RER and pulled a lot of stuff out and packed another bag.  Yes, this meant I had four bags...Crazy!  The good news is that all four bags, and me, made the long journey to Nancy and the bags are all still fully functional!

I took my first TGV train to Nancy, which is a train that goes about 300km/h, and made it there in about an hour and a half.  Elder Ursua, a missionary I met in the MTC,  is serving in Nancy too,.  When we arrived our companions hurried and grabbed all of our bags off the train and we were off to the races.  It's crazy how fast everything can change.  Within a few minutes we were at our apartment, on the 12th floor overlooking Nancy, had lunch and were off to our first couple of rendez-vous.  That's how the week continued.  We have taught a lot of amis that are awesome.  

Wednesday night we were able to go and give a blessing to a member in the ward.  There I met Marie-Line was was baptized on Saturday.  She is so legit.  Marie-Line was a referral from one of the ward members and so that just goes to show you how efficient help from the members is. At her baptism her daughter, sister and husband were all there.  I know they felt the spirit and hopefully will be more open to hear our message.

The next awesome family is the Pierrel family. They were found porting a few months ago. After the first lesson, Melissa the 24 year old daughter, had read almost everything on Mormon. org,  knew all the commandments and was ready to live them.  She participates with the ward in weekly FHE, Book of Mormon classes and, to say the least, is awesome.  Her family has been able to see how the gospel has helped her and so we teach them a few times a week.

On Friday we went back to Paris for Mission Council.  It was super cool.  President and Soeur Babin gave us some training and the assistants helped give us the theme and areas we really want to work on this transfer.  It was a great meeting full of the spirit and the Babins are such great leaders.  We made it home at about 7 pm and went out contacting.  I was able to see a little bit more of Nancy and man, this place is gorgeous.

*Our church here is huge and super nice.  It is being renovated and has a full size gym.  On Saturday we were able to do ,"Samedi Sports/Saturday Sports", where we played soccer with some members and amis.
*Four of our amis came to Marie-Lines baptism on Saturday and then to church yesterday, which is always awesome.
*This week we are off to Strasbourg for a meeting and then exchanges on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I get to go on exchange with Elder Johnson in Colmar.
*My new companion, Elder Gram is from Danemark but has lived in Frankfurt, Germany for the last 17 years.  He is an awesome missionary and I know we'll get some great work done here together.

Have a great week and thanks for all your love and support.  Till next week...

Love...Elder Player

Mission Council with Elder Cramer and
Soeur Hunsaker

Saturday Sports

Marie-Lines Baptism
New Companion Elder Gram

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