Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm not a Bleu anymore! Starting Transfer 3 in...

I hope everyone has had a great week in Salt Lake.  Sounds like it's been pretty rainy!  Same thing here.  It rained everyday last week but it makes running in the mornings more fun.  This week consisted of teaching our awesome families, transfer predictions, an exchange with Elder Wilson and some Belgium Chocolate.

Last Monday we started our P-day by going to the Nehaus chocolate factory.  It is an outlet store with boxes of chocolate open in front that you can sample.  It was delicious but within 20 minutes we were stuffed and ready to move on to the next thing!  We did some shopping and even found a 1Euro store.  (Probably like Dollar Tree)  It amazes me what you can buy for 1 euro!  Then we went to the Gare to get personalized Belgium license plates.  Mine has Elder Player on it and is pretty cool.  We taught Kingsley and Marsella and, as always, it was awesome!  That night we made over 100 crepes for District meeting the next morning. I don't think any of us will want to make crepes for sometime now!

Our final district meeting on Tuesday morning was a "Harry Potter" transfer theme.  We even drank polyjuice and entered the "Chamber of Secrets." (aka the basement in the Louise church)  It was awesome and Elder Wilson has been a great district leader with some fun things but always a great message too.

The next day we had a rendezvous with a man named Seth.  The sisters are teaching an amis in a shop and the lady there asked if she could have some extra pamphlets.  They left her some with their number on it.  A few weeks later they received a phone call from Seth saying he read them all and wanted more.  So they taught him, gave  him a Book of Mormon and then he came to church...all in 3 days.  We are teaching him now and our first rendezvous was amazing.  He said he's had friends in churches but none of them made him feel very good.  He hasn't prayed in recent years but when he started reading the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets he felt something and wanted to start praying.  At that moment the spirit was so strong so we asked if he'd be baptized and he accepted!!!  People are ready to receive this gospel and the Lord is putting them in our paths!  Also, we had a rendezvous with the Mulunda family. Half way through they invited us to come and eat with them so we sat down and I ate my first meal of fufu, along with frites, fish and other stuff. It was awesome and all their kids are trying to learn English so they practice with us and then help us with our French.

Frere Fraikin took us to lunch on Thursday and brought pics of his motorcycles and his Ferrari.  Frere Fraikin hasn't been active for some time but we invited him to a special stake conference with all of Southern Belfium and he came.  It was such a good sight and was like he had never missed a week!

Another highlight was the Sonan family.  We met them while porting on exchanges last transfer.  Henri, the husband, said, "My wife is really liking your stuff and wants to bring the kids to church."  We couldn't have asked for something better and so we taught about church and she's excited to come this coming week and bring the children.  Henri left for Chicago this weekend until December and asked if we could get info for him about church there so that he will have some connection there.  We can do that for sure!

Saturday was the last exchange with Elder Wilson.  He is an amazing teacher and I love being able to watch and see new ways and new ideas to help me improve.  We finished the night with transfer predictions.  We dressed in our boubous and sunglasses and predicted away.  We'll see if they come true!

Sunday was a special stake conference for all of Southern Belgium.  At least 30 missionaries were there and all the wards.  Bishop Davies, from the presiding bishopric, spoke about the blessings of children and that nobody is perfect.  There were so many people and not enough chairs for everyone so all the missionaries stood in the back the whole time.  Even every piano bench was in use.  We had the Sylvestre family there and Driz and Jean-Pierre so that was great!  Last night we got some phone calls.  When you are training or a district leader you get a call from the AP's.  If you are called to be a Zone Leader or an AP you get a call from the President.  During dinner Elder Wood got a call and he's training and our new District Leader. Later we realized we had missed a call and realized it was the President.  He asked for Elder Davis and asked him to be a Zone Leader in Liege.  He will be awesome and I'm so glad that I've had such an awesome trainer! Elder Wilson is off to Versailles.  I'm staying her in Bruxelles with Elder Eldredge and I'm excited to see more miracles happen here.  I'll meet Elder Eldredge on Wesnesday.  My address is still the same:

     Les Missionaires
     Elder Chase Player
     11, Ave des Gloires Nationales
     1081 Koekelberg

Here are a couple of quotes I found and think they apply to all of us.  I hope we can have goals and with our actions and ambition they can lead us to success.  Thanks for all your support and love!
      Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.
     My dreams are worthless, my plans are dust, my goals are impossible.  All are of no value unless they are      followed by action.  I will act now.  Action is the tinder which ignites my dreams, my plans, my goals into      a living force.  Action is the force which will nourish my success.
The WTC of Belgium

The Neuhas Chocolate Factory
Our Last District Meeting
Love...Elder Player
Rain + No Umbrellas = Wet missionaries

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