Monday, September 23, 2013

You say Goodbye and I say Hello, Transfer 3!

I can't believe another week has passed by here in Brussels but it has been great and full of lots of change.
As I wrote last week I found out that I'd be getting a new companion.  Elder Eldredge will arrive on Wednesday.  This gave us two days to meet with our amis and for Elder Davis to say goodbye to them.

Tuesday night we went to Sylvestre and Eleana's home.  They called Pizza hut for us and we had a huge meal. They are so amazing.  After watching Elder Davis say goodbye I realize how much I love these people and how hard it will be to say goodbye one day.  In 13 short weeks they are all like family.  I'm so glad that I have at least another 6 weeks with them.

Wednesday was a busy day.  After watching Elder Davis and Elder Wilson pack I took my dad (Elder Davis) to the station and then we waited until 5:30 for the train to come in with Elder Wood's and my companion from Paris.  We greeted them on the platform with pain au chocolat and speculos muffins.  I got to meet Elder Eldredge.  He is awesome and from Hawaii.  He's on his fourth trnasfer so we are a very young equipe, but will learn a lot together including working on our French.  We grabbed his bags and headed out to contact.  We did porting right up to the end of the night and had an 8:55 miracle.  We met Crustin, a man from Romania, who welcomed us and was excited to hear about the gospel.

The next few days we had some great rendez-vous with our amis and were able to introduce Elder Eldredge to Bogaert, Kingsley and Marsella, Seth and Mike.

Friday while doing an hour of contacting before lunch we went a different way.  At one of the metro stops a lady who was a little older, named Fabian, stopped and said something but then left.  At the tram stop a few minutes later the same lady came and sat down.  As we talked with her she expressed that she didn't believe and asked why we were there.  We shared why and she said, "you're not the mormons are you?"  We replied, "That's us!"  She said, "Oh - you have that big genealogy library!"  By the end we had her number and she said she'd love to come to the family history center and learn more.  So hopefully we'll be able to meet with her this week.

Saturday was awesome and we did lots of contacting.  We met a man and a women, Kevin and Elise.  Kevin is a christian already and Elise is an atheist.  When we asked if they had a few minutes they said yes.  We were rather shocked and started talking quickly.  When they heard "mormons" they had tons of questions.  We answered the best we could and we have another rendex-vous with them this week.  We hope to give them a tour of the church.  We had another lesson with Driez and Jean-Pierre about baptism and another lesson with Brother Johnson and his family.  The Johnson family is trying to get prepared to go to the temple and they are awesome.  They were baptized almost 4 years ago and are a great example of a family with strong faith and love.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a weird day.  Once a year they have a "no drive" day.  No cars can drive at all or it's a 500 euro ticket.  So, on our way to catch the tram it was like a ghost town.  As the day went on everybody was out on bikes, playing in the park and public transportation was at its max!  At church we had a new convert, named Francis, bring his best friend Douglas.  He's awesome and we are going to teach them this week.  We had Seth, Kingsley and Marsella come to church as well.  It was great!  Later we had a passback to do.  When we got there they said comeback later.  They said that the first time too but we persisted and the third time they were all there and we got in to teach.  Meet the Voka Family...Noblesse - 4, Belle Jean Marc - 16 and Josephine.  We were able to teach the whole restoration and the spirit was so strong.  They promised to read and we will go back on Friday.  I have a really good feeling about them.  We asked if we could do anything for them and they asked if we could fix their printer.  Hopefully we can figure that out on Friday.  On our way back we saw a single mom with 6 kids.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity so we talked to her and she was excited and made sure that we had her number correct - twice!!!  Hopefully, we will teach her and the children on Thursday.  Miracles happen, people are prepared for the gospel and I know this Church is true.  I'm so grateful to be here as a missionary!

In other news...
With transfers we received another new Elder in our apartment.  He is Elder Wood's son (since he is training him.)  His name is Elder Godfrey from Kaysville, Utah.  He's awesome and it'll be a great apartment this transfer.  This morning I went and became legal in Belgium, Oh ya!  And I can't wait to have a new nephew next week!

Thanks for all your letters, love and support.  I love hearing from all of you and hearing how you are doing. Thanks for your prayers.  I know our prayers are heard and answered by our Father in Heaven!  Hope you all have a great week!

The Mulanda Family
Jusqu'a la semaine prochaine vous amie tous!

Elder Player
My new companion, Elder Eldredge!

Elder Davis leaving Brussels!
He's so sad!

The infamous Kingsley and Marsella

Cool grafitti at the metro!

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