Monday, January 13, 2014

Amis, Food, Ezechias, et Etretat!

Our Zone at Zone Conference

Frog legs anyone?
Actually, quite delicious!

St. Maclou Cemetary from the 1300's

Learning to make gallettes du roi!
This is going to be a super fast email because we don't have very much time today.  I want to quickly talk about four things and the pictures will tell the rest of the story!

First...Our Amis:
We have been able to teach Romain 5 times this week.  To see someone's dedication and desire to be baptized amazes me!  I've realized how much we ask these people to do.  Like in President Uchtdorf's talk, "Come, Join With Us".  We ask so much but the Lord gives us so much more back!  We were able to meet some amazing new people this week from Solomon, Nigeria and had a cool experience finding Alexandre.

On Tuesday night we had about an hour left and decided that we'd say a quick prayer for guidance as to where we needed to go.  We felt we should go to this little neighborhood about ten minutes from our apartment.  We got there and started to port from door to door.  After 5 doors we saw Alexandre on the corner!  We started talking to him and learned that he is 18 and has been searching for religion.  He wasn't raised religious but asked many questions that really only the gospel can give the answers to.  We talked for nearly 45 minutes on the corner and recounted the first vision.  We then asked if we could pray with him to know that these things are true.  As we prayed, a simple prayer, it was amazing the spirit that came to testify to us!  A further example of how powerful prayer is and that if we ask, the Lord will give to us!

I know this has been a topic for sometime in my emails but this week was no exception and I have to include a little bit about it.  We had three mangez-vous and I can officially say, "I feel like the Goose who was stuffed!"  (Foie Gras)  I tried some firsts this week and I'm so lucky to be here in this amazing country with such amazing members who cook for us!

Here is a small list of some of the things we ate this week.  Frog legs, escargots, foie gras (Goose liver), steak, hen, crab, beets, cabbage and numerous other veggies, apple tarts and gallettes du roi!  I have to admit that some of it was outside my comfort zone!

Ezechais is amazing and I love him more and more as we spend time with him.  He was able to teach us yesterday and as he bore his testimony it invited such a strong spirit.  He was able to receive the Priesthood and is now a priest and will be baptizing Romain this coming Saturday.  Ahh....super exciting!

Last night we were eating with a newly married couple in our branch.  We asked if they had ever been to Etretat.  They said yes and we expressed that we would love to go serve there or come back one day and see it!  Within seconds, Frere Cunche asked if we would like to go tomorrow and said that he could take us. We explained that we were not sure if we could go because it is outside our area.  He pulled out his phone and called President Poznanski.  They're cousins and so the president said yes we could go.  So, this morning we were able to go to Etretat!  It was amazing and nice and warm (for January).  France is gorgeous and we are blessed to be able to serve here!

So with this super short - quick review of our week I hope that all is well with each of you and that you have a great week.  I love you all and thank you so much for all your support!

Elder Player
This is Etretat!

This is the point of Etretat!

The city of Etretat...look at the blue water!

The arches of Etretat!
There is a golf course on the top!

Frere Cunche, who took us to see Etretat!
He is 23 years old, a newlywed and awesome!

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