Monday, January 20, 2014

Romain, Johnathan et Bleu

Romain, Elder Cramer and me!
Bonjour!  I hope you are all having a great Martin Luther King Day.  I must say that I'm surprised they haven't adopted that holiday here because Europeans love their vacances...maybe next year.

This week in Rouen has been a great week!  It started with a crazy split, a second trip to Etretat and ended with a phone call but here's what happened in between...

Romain was baptized on Saturday.  It was an awesome baptism and he was so happy and felt so good after. Elder Cramer baptized him and then on Sunday Frere Bitanga gave him the Holy Ghost and confirmed him a member.  Romain is amazing and he has changed so much in just a month.  He is sincere and has a desire to follow Jesus Christ.  He is an example to us.  I can't wait to see his testimony grow over the next few weeks and can't wait for him to receive a calling in the branch and receive the priesthood!

A few weeks ago Johnathan was on the bus with us.  When he heard us speak English and then French he asked us where we were from.  We started talking and got his contact info and then ran into him on the bus later that day.  He showed us all these cool speakers on the bus that you could put up to the window and than BAM! music would fill the whole bus.  We were like little kids!  We taught him on Friday and then went to his home and watched, "Finding Faith in Christ".  At the end he just sat there and said, "Wow!  I can really feel something right now."  It was an awesome lesson and we invited him to Romain's baptism on Saturday. He came Saturday morning right on time and was able to watch it all.  Right after Romain was baptized and was changing his clothes he told me, "That was just like Jesus was baptized in the movie."  After the baptism he stayed and we continued to talk.  He talked about how he could feel the "force" and wanted to have it all the time.  We talked about prayer and as the lesson continued we used silence like never before.  It was amazing to see how the Holy Spirit took over.  We were able to teach him how to pray and have an amazing experience praying on our knees with him.  It was a simple prayer but heartfelt and powerful.  It's hard to describe it.  We invited him to come to church and he showed up at 9:30 and stayed until 2.  He ate with the branch and everything.  It was awesome and I can't wait to see him again this week!

Sunday night, after a couple lessons, we were walking home and the phone rand.  It was the assistants and the last day of the transfer.  It was for Elder Cramer.  He found out he is going to St. Quentin to be district leader.  After they talked for a few minutes the phone rang again and it was for me this time.  I'm going to be getting a new missionary this Wednesday and be a trainer!  I'm super excited and so happy to be staying here in Rouen with the amazing branch and to be able to watch the work go forward here.

...Taught an awesome guy named Franck.  He's French and wants to change.  He is looking for the truth and for happiness in his life.  Super exited to teach him again this week!
...Had a 48 hour exchange with Elder Garner.  While on the road we realized that we needed to be down the hill in a neighborhood below.  We saw a little trail, followed it, and oh was pouring rain too.  We didn't have our umbrellas, realized the grass was mud and continued to slide down the hill  My pants got pretty muddy but all washed and good to go now.
...Had an awesome FHE with Ezechias, Romain and the Bitanga's.  On our way home he took us on a tour of Rouen.  The 5 of us in a tiny car made me feel like we were on a Disneyland ride.  Super entertaining!
...Ate a raclette with happy I get to stay here in Rouen with them!

Hope you all have a great week and know how much I love you all and am so grateful for your support!

The work is progressing and with the New Year there are so many people who are searching for happiness and a way to change.  Always look and pray for ways to share the gospel.  They're endless and everyone needs the blessings that we each have in our lives.  Till next week...

Elder Player
Romain's baptism!
This is right after Romain's baptism
This shows how many transfers we have
all had in the District!

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