Monday, January 27, 2014

I'm a Dad! Our Amis and great food!

Bonjour!  I hope you have all had a great week!  I can't believe that it is almost's crazy how fast time passes!  This week in Rouen was great, crazy, and super busy with transfers and going to Paris.  It's official now...I'm a dad! (That means I'm a trainer to a new missionary) and my son is Elder Johnson from Park City.

Wednesday morning we rushed off with all of Elder Cramer's bags in hand and headed to the Gare for Paris. We met the Le Havre Elders on the train.  Now we had 9 LARGE bags, all over 50 lbs. and 4 people to manage them.  With our luck 90% of the escalators were broken...but we made it!  I took off for the training at Saint Marie and then an hour later it was time to meet our bleu's.  They all marched in, some looking terrified, some with huge smiles.  All of us were thinking, "Who will be our bleu?"  President Poznanski started with a slide show.  The name of the ville and the trainer came up and then the name of the bleu with a short description!  Rouen came up and President said Elder Player will be training...(drum roll) Elder Johnson!  Elder Johnson is from Park City, Utah.  He turns 20 next month and wants to be a surgeon for the army.  He was going to Westminster before his mission.  He's awesome and we have lots of similarities. Even his closest sibling is ten years older than he is...crazy!  After talking, more training and French sandwiches we were off!  We made it through the metro and to the train and then finally arrived in Rouen around 5:00 pm.  We did some quick planning and then we were off to do some contacting!  All the people we talked to were interested and we got some phone numbers  and some rendez-vous set up for next week. After, we made our way to our first rendez vous with a new family Elder Garner and I contacted last week on exchanges.  We went into their apartment and saw three super cute kids.  The oldest is three.  We taught them and then at the end Papy asked if next time we could read lots of scriptures together.  I pulled out a Book of Mormon and asked if they had ever heard of the Mormons.  Melor(the wife) said "no"  but asked what it was.  Papy said we would talk about it more next time.  We had a prayer and then Melor asked is she could have the book to read for the next time.  We said "yes"!  It was an awesome first day and I can't wait to go back and teach them more tonight!

I'm almost out of time so I'm going to "List Style" now:

Ezechais...Love him to death.  He taught us the Law of Chasity and the Word of Wisdom while waiting for a rendez vous and then taught with us.  His testimony is so awesome and powerful.  He passed the sacrament for the first time yesterday!

Romain...Doing great.  Taught him this week and he was telling us how before his baptism he was having problems with the bank and his loan and then finding a job for when his training is done this June.  He said Monday morning after the baptism he got a call from the bank and everything was worked out and then later he found a job with the best construction company in Rouen!  Amazing to see the blessings that came from his decision to be baptized and follow the gospel.  He came to church yesterday in a bright red suit - I wish I had taken a picture with him!

Johnathan and Estelle...They are doing great and we were able to see them a few times this week. Johnathan knows the gospel is true!  We promised him that God would make it possible to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know it was true...even through it's really hard for him to read!

Food...It's France!  It has to be it's own category!  I was spoiled again this week and ate with the Warenghien Family.  We had shellfish soup, baby turkey with prunes and veggies, cheese and a chocolate almond cake with creme anglais!  Delcieux!  Super excited for Elder Johnson to be able to have some authentic French food this week.  He's scared but I explained that anything you don't'll learn to like!

That's a quick wrap of our week here.  This week we are off to a conference in Versailles, on Thursday, with Elder Kearon of the Seventy.  That's exciting and we have some great things planned for the other days!
Thanks for all your love and support.  I love all of you and hope you have a great week!  Till next week!

Love...Elder Player
Elder Johnson's first au pain chocolate

Elder Johnson and me under the
arch at Saint Marie

This is my "son" Elder Johnson from Park City, Utah

The famous Warenghein family who feeds us so well!

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