Monday, April 13, 2015

Il Fait Beau!

Elder Nord in St. Omer
Bonjour a tous!  This week has been a crazy, busy week!  So many great things have happened and I'm not really sure where to start...

So...after our district meeting and an awesome mangez-vous with Fanja and Bruno we went to St. Omer to have exchanges.  Elder Beck was with Elder Gaule from London and I was with Elder Nord from Oregon.  Elder Nord is in his first transfer and it was super fun to be together and see miracles.  We were able to find a mother and her daughter in the park who listened to us and we were able to have a prayer with them and set up another time to see them again and talk about families and how the gospel strengthens them.  Also, we saw a woman's heart change from "I'm not interested" to being interested when we told here that there is still a prophet and 12 apostles on the earth today.  Elder Nord and Elder Gaule will be going back again this week to see her!  To finish our exchange we did the St. Omer Kepbap challenge.  That includes tons of fries and a foot and a half long kebap that needs to be eaten in under 11 minutes to beat the record.  Sadly, Elder Gaule did not beat the record but it was fun watching him try!

Later in the week we were able to teach a man, Pierrot, who we met last week and had an awesome rendez-vous with him.  He is so open to the gospel!  We learned about his past and how he's grown up in a war zone and is now studying banking to get his masters.  He told us how religion has helped him so much and he couldn't wait to start reading the Book of Mormon and learn more.

The weekend was pretty busy.  There was a baptism for one of the children in the branch.  We filled up the font and I was able to give a talk on the Holy Ghost.  His smile after the baptism was priceless.  Next we were able to do some service for Elisabeth and help her with more wall papering in her apartment.  Then we had another rendez-vous.  Yesterday was a day of finding with great weather.  The sun was out and people were open!  We found 3 awesome people that we were able to teach.  One of them and another amis came to church yesterday.  They both have siblings who are members and have talked with them about the church.  One of them is from Las Vegas!  (Small world!)  We will see them again this week.  On Sunday, at the last minute, we taught a primary class!  It was fun and turned out pretty good.  I love children and their ability to learn the gospel.

I continue to see people here that are ready for the gospel and I'm able to see how the gospel blesses them with a happiness that can't be found any where else.  I'm so grateful to share this happiness with others.  My time here in France is going so fast - only two weeks left - and I want to make the most of them.  Thanks for your continued support!  We're off to Family Home Evening now but I hope you all have a great week...

Love, Elder Player

At the sea in Calais

Teaching primary

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