Monday, April 6, 2015

The Power of a Prophet's VoiceEl

Good morning everybody!  I hope you have had a great week that has been spiritually charging like ours and that you had a Happy Easter.  It is still Easter here in France.  They celebrate it on Sunday and Monday so the fun continues.  This has been a busy week with a Zone Conference in Bruxelles, my first area I served in, exchanges, running for trains and buses and of course General Conference.

To start last week off we woke up at 4am on Tuesday to get ready to catch our train to Bruxelles. When we arrived in Bruxelles we took the tram up to the church.  It was cool to remember the stops on the metro and trams where we had taught people and to think of how the time, 18 months since I was there, has gone so fast!  When we arrived at the church, the place where I gave my first testimony as a "real" missionary, I was able to give my "last" testimony there too.  I started and got to finish in the same place!  We had a great Zone Conference with President and Soeur Babin and it was a great start to a week of hearing from our leaders.  The train going home was late so our layover was cut short which always makes for fun.   On top of that we were on exchanges.  I was with Elder Wilson and Elder Beck was with Elder Orton.  We made our connecting train but they didn't.  Of course we had the two phones and they had the keys to the apartment.  #Missionary Life

The next day we were still on exchanges and met a cool guy on the train who was interested and so we referred him to the missionaries in Valenciennes.   We taught Fidelia, who insisted that we stop by her African store on Friday where she gave Elder Beck and I a ton of food, for free, since we are all brothers and sisters and we are doing the Lord's work.  People are so genuinely kind.  After a great exchange we were able to teach Natan, Fidelia, Jean-Francois, who is doing his genealogy, and Elisabeth who we helped wallpaper her house on Saturday!

Then of course it was time for General Conference.  What a great weekend where we were spiritually fed and prepared again for the next six months!  It's always amazing to me how there seems to be a clear theme each conference.  It testifies to me of how it's the Lord's message being shared and not just the ideas of wise men.  We had an ami come on Saturday, Matthew, and he loved it.  We decided to show him the baptismal font and talk about baptism and he said, "Yes, I need to do that!"  He then asked when he could be ready to be baptized.  It shows how powerful the testimony of the Prophet and apostles are.  How they can bring lost sheep in who are lost after having been found, or who are discovering the sweetness of the Gospel for the first time.

I'm out of time but I am so grateful for all we were able to do this week.  Have a great week and remember I love you all!

Till next week...Elder Player
Deja-Vu Strombeek Chapel with Elder Godfrey

President and Soeur Babin and moi

Waiting at the Gare with other missionareis

The Grand Place

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