Monday, April 20, 2015

Lost but Found

Contacting with Elder Orton in Arras

Bonjour tout le monde.  Once again it's Monday and I can't believe how fast the Mondays come around!  I'm not sure if time is going faster or what but that sure seems to be the case.  This week in Amiens has been great and we have really been able to see the Lord's hand in the work, answers to our prayers and miracles after what seemed like not much was happening.  To start off I want to talk about our exchange.  I was with Elder Orton in Arras.  It's so beautiful there! as we went out we started talking to people and at a crossroad we went to a little park and meet a man sitting on a bench, M. Rousseau.  He is a recently retired French Banker who has met with missionaries a few years ago but didn't really know that much about the church.  Before long we were sitting with him on the bench and teaching him the Plan of Salvation.  He asked about the churches beliefs with money and how they "raised" money.  So then we taught him about tithing.  I don't remember another street contact where I did that but he was totally in agreement with it and after we prayed he said he'd love to have us over to his home again and talk more about the Plan of Salvation...SO COOL!

Later in the week we hadn't had breakfast or lunch so we were pretty hungry and decided we'd go and contact our way to a friterie and get some fries to hold us over until dinner.  On the way there we passed a less active members' home.  Elder Barber and I had passed by frequently but had never found her home.  A thought came to mind to stop and see if she was there...Hmmm...fries or stop by someone's home who hasn't been there the last 5 times we had stopped by.  This time at the door someone let us in so we went up and found out that the member had moved and the family that lives there now wasn't interested.  As we left the 7th floor, made our way back down, and were on the way to the friterie again a Madame in the crosswalk said, "Bonjour."  We started talking to her and she said, "You're Mormons!"  We asked how she knew us and found out that many years ago she worked at the city hall and received a request from the church for Birth Certificates for temple work.  She was in charge of getting all the records.  We asked if we could pray with her and she was so excited and invited us in to have a drink and a prayer.  When she prayed there was no mistake she was talking to God and the spirit was present.  It was so amazing and we were able to give her a Restoration brochure and she asked if she could have us over for dinner sometime and talk more.  Guess what floor she lived on?  The 7th floor right where we had just been!  We felt like we had been led by the spirit for sure!

Yesterday we were trying to get to a park but were guided instead towards Christoph.  When we first met Christoph he was not open at all and said prayer didn't work.  But today, after talking for a while we learned that his son was in the hospital, close to death.  We were able to talk about eternal families and offer to pray for his family.  After the prayer his heart was softened and we were able to get a rendez-vous with his family at his home this week.  Such a miracle!

Last, but not least, we needed haircuts so we made an appointment that would be during emails.  So we went early to do emails and while we were there a man came in and after a few minutes asked if we were Latter-Day Saints.  We said yes and he told us he is too!  He was baptized three years ago in Ghana and has been here for 3 months but has not found the church here.  We exchanged phone numbers and are going to see him on Wednesday and show him the church so he can come next Sunday!

As you can see, it's been a great week and on top of all that we have had fun with members, ate wonderful pastries, and had many other adventures here in Amiens that will have to be saved for another time.  Thank you for all your support.  I hope you have a great day and week and FYI, next week I will be doing emails on Tuesday because of a mission conference.  Love you all!


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